The Schedule

An up to date break down of everything you can find at Uppstart. This page will be updated a little in the run up to the event so do check back before you attend.

09:00 | Registration Opens

Entrance Hall. Breakfast and lunch tickets can be purchased

10:00 | Welcome Introduction

Main Stage. Jason Dainter (Founder @ Uppstart). 15 minutes

11:00 | Panel: Are we heading towards a Cashless society?

Main Stage. Yasmine Åkermark (Co-founder @ Tibba), Frank Schuil (Co-founder @ Safello), Astyanax Kanakakis (Co-founder @ Norbloc), Christian Lagerkvist (Blockchain Architect @ SEB). 20 minutes

11:30 | Keynote: Turning Fluff into Figures

Main Stage. Christina Lundberg (CCO @ Universal Avenue). 20 minutes

12:00 | Lunch

Bar Area. Purchase tickets ahead during registration to avoid queues.

13:30 | Keynote: In Sweden, On Demand

Main Stage. Alok Alström (General Manager @ Uber). 20 minutes

13:00 | PitchUp Elevator Pitches (Invite Only)

Investor Lounge. Made for investors and startups to connect. 1 hour

14:00| Keynote: Launching at Rocket Speed

Main Stage. Edward Biden (Director of Product @ Rocket Internet). 20 minutes

14:30 | Backing Tayyab

Main Stage. Tayyab Shabab (Software Engineer @ Dynamo Digital Ventures), Mike Butcher (European Editor @ TechCrunch), Neil Murray (Founder @ The Nordic Web via Skype), Jennie Claesson (Policy Expert @ Chamber of Commerce), Mikael Ribbenvik (Director-General, COO @ Swedish Migration Agency). 20 minutes

 15:00 | Panel: Corporates, Government and Angels — Can they all play nice?

Main Stage. Mike Butcher (European Editor @ TechCrunch), Susanne Najafi & Sara Wimmercranz (Founding Partners @ Backing Minds), Johan Sjölander (Venture Partner @ Industrifonden), Navin Thukkaram (Founder @ NT Capital Partners), and Benjamin Ratz (Invetsment Manager @ Nordic Makers). 20 minutes

15:30 | Keynote: VR is the new Smartphone

Main Stage. Faviana Vangelius (CEO & Founder @ SVRVIVE). 20 minutes

16:00 | PitchUp Finals

Main Stage. 3 startup pitches competing to be crowned PitchUp winners of 2016. 30 minutes

16:15| Roundtable: The Future of Tech in Uppsala (Invite Only)

Johan the 3rd. A hand selected focus group discuss the growing Uppsala tech startup ecosystem. 1 hour and 45 minutes

17:00 | Closing Remarks

Main Stage. Jason Dainter (Founder @  Uppstart). 5 minutes

18:30 | VIP Dinner (Invite Only)

Villa Anna

19:00 | Dinner and After Party

NOIA, Drottningatan 9. Food must be reserved ahead.

22:00 | Startup Karaoke Pitches

NOIA, Drottningatan 9. Food must be reserved ahead.

02:00 | Close. Sleep :-)